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Read about the Mesopotamian Water Forum, an alternative civil society forum for water in the Mesopotamia region, coordinated by Save the Tigris

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We are a civil society advocacy platform aiming to promote water justice in the Mesopotamian basin. Save the Tigris seeks to link groups and movements from Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran concerned with the protection of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Our platform provides international solidarity and supports the exchange of knowledge. We advocate for policies that secure ecological justice including the equitable and democratic use of water for all who live in the Mesopotamian region, promoting water as a tool for peace.

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Statement from Protect Iraqi HRDs NOW! Campaign, Demanding the Immediate Release of Expert Jassim Al-Asadi

Iraq | Baghdad 5th February, 2023 Four days ago, our colleague and fellow environmentalist, Jassim Fadel Duweij Al-Asadi, was kidnapped by an armed group, according to the information we…

Environmental Activists of Hawizeh Marshes Decry Poor Management of Iraq’s Wetlands

Straddling the Iran-Iraq border lie the Hawizeh Marshes, a complex of wetlands in Iraq’s Maysan Governorate, fed by the Tigris River in Iraq and the Karkeh River in…

Global Civil Society Presents a Reform Agenda for UNESCO’s World Heritage 

World Heritage Watch: Urgent Action Needed in 12 Key Areas Press Release The World Heritage needs urgent reform, more funds, and more rights for civil society and indigenous peoples,…

Save the Tigris Launches New Report on Makhoul Dam

Amsterdam, June 2022 The Iraqi government is intensifying its efforts to complete work on the Makhoul Dam. This water infrastructure is being built on the Tigris about 230…

Building More Large Dams Threatens Southern Iraq and Increases Drought and Water Scarcity: No More False Solutions

Statement by Save the Tigris – Amsterdam, April 15, 2022 Our concern is growing over the Iraqi governments’ persistence and insistence on building more large dams on the…

Reviving Rivers Through Community Based Action – An Exchange of Views in the Context of North East Syria

Save the Tigris together with the Water4Rojava Committee on 11 April 2022 co-organised a community-to-community dialogue between Rajasthan, India and Northeast Syria on the topic of water harvesting…

Dam construction

Into Thin Air: New Report by Save the Tigris Examines Evaporation Losses From Dam Reservoirs in Iraq

Save the Tigris have published an original research report on evaporation losses from dam reservoirs in Iraq. Water stored behind dams can actually cause an overall loss of water due to high evaporation rates during the summer months. Despite its major impacts, this phenomenon has been under-reported in policy debates and research. Our report examines the impact of the evaporation on stored water in Iraq, with estimates of evaporation losses of dam reservoirs.

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