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We are a civil society advocacy campaign aiming to save and protect the heritage and water resources of Mesopotamia from the impact of large dams and pollution, and to promote sustainable management of the Tigris River and its tributaries. Save the Tigris Campaign seeks to link groups and movements from Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran concerned with the protection of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Our network provides international solidarity and supports the exchange of knowledge and experiences to work on common objectives. We advocate for policies that secure the sustainable and equitable use of water for all who live in the Mesopotamian region, promoting water as a tool for peace.

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Dam Building Projects Could Fuel Water Stress in Middle East

By Kira Walker, DW, 8 October 2020 While scientists warn of their negative impact on biodiversity, the autonomous Kurdistan Region is building multiple dams to respond to water…

Traditional Boats Adorn the Tigris River to Celebrate the Efforts of Medical Personnel in Confronting COVID

After a five-month pause due to the nationwide quarantine and other preventive measures in place to stop the spread of Covid-19, the Humat Dijla Association resumed its activities…

Iraqi Kurdistan Faces Water ‘Catastrophe’ as Iran Cuts Off Rivers

By Kakalaw Abdulla, Dler Abdullain Sulaymaniyah, Iraq Middle East Eye, 3 September 2020 Iraq’s Kurdish region is facing a humanitarian crisis due to Iran’s dam projects and water…

Urgent Call to Resolve Mounting Problems in Hasankeyf

+++ Hasankeyf Matters +++ Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive +++ 1 September 2020 In past years, the ancient city of Hasankeyf attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors each…

How to Prevent Climate Change From Causing Basra to Drown?

By Prof Dr. Hasan Khalil Hasan, Environmental Researcher, University of Basra, Iraq for Planetary Security Initiative The lower part of the Mesopotamian basin, Basra in particular, is one…

New Project Launched to Promote Socio-Economic Growth through Eco-Tourism and Heritage Preservation in Dhi Qar, Iraq

Un Ponte Per has recently started an ambitious new 2-year project in Southern Iraq, funded by UNDP. Sumereen: Sumerian Youth for Economic Development and Cultural Heritage aimsto create…

Dam construction

New Report by Save the Tigris Reviews the Dam Construction Policies of the Kurdistan Region

Documenting the KRG’s dam construction practices, Save the Tigris has has published the report “Damming the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Structural gaps in the KRG dam construction policies”, to share information on the development of dam infrastructure in the Kurdistan Region. We aim to provide an alternative view on the generally supposed social and economic benefits of dams, and shed a light on the high costs for humans and environment.

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