Save the Tigris And Iraqi Marshes

We are a civil society advocacy campaign aiming to save and protect the heritage and water resources of Mesopotamia from the impact of large dams and other mega projects, and to promote sustainable management of the Tigris River and its tributaries.

Mesopotamia faces the following challenges:

  • Construction of large dams on the Tigris and its tributaries, in particular Ilisu Dam in Turkey and Daryan Dam in Iran
  • The use of watercourses and water-related infrastructure as a weapon and tool for achieving political hegemony
  • Threats to cultural heritage along the Tigris River, in the face of water scarcity
  • Water pollution and unsustainable management of water resources


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Campaign Archives

This section is an archive of resources. Here you can find an overview of all past campaign activities and documents related to the Save the Tigris Campaign incuding reports, papers and statements.


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Advocating for policies that secure sustainable and equitable use of water

0% of agricultural lands in Iraq
are projected to be lost due to decreased water resources in the next decade
0% decline in water volume
is expected for the Tigris River in the next decade
0% of Iraq’s annual water income
will be lost when Ilisu Dam starts operating