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Environmental Activists of Hawizeh Marshes Decry Poor Management of Iraq’s Wetlands

Straddling the Iran-Iraq border lie the Hawizeh Marshes, a complex of wetlands in Iraq’s Maysan Governorate, fed by the Tigris River in Iraq and the Karkeh River in…

Save the Tigris Launches New Report on Makhoul Dam

Amsterdam, June 2022 The Iraqi government is intensifying its efforts to complete work on the Makhoul Dam. This water infrastructure is being built on the Tigris about 230…

How to Prevent Climate Change From Causing Basra to Drown?

By Prof Dr. Hasan Khalil Hasan, Environmental Researcher, University of Basra, Iraq for Planetary Security Initiative The lower part of the Mesopotamian basin, Basra in particular, is one…