Mesopotamian Water Forum


An alternative civil society forum on water resources

in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran

29-31 March



Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Promoting water as a tool for

sustainable peace in Mesopotamia


Call for Contributions

How can we address these challenges?

We have identified 3 main water challenges in the region. To kickstart the discussions during the plenary sessions of the Forum, we will publish 3 papers on these topics in advance of the event, in December 2018. To complete these papers, we will need to include views from different geographical locations and expertise! Are you based in Iraq, Turkey, Syria or Iran? Do you have expertise in water resources? Then your contribution might be valuable. To do so, please read the abstracts below and contact the author via email. Your contribution could be included in the final paper and presented during the Forum! We welcome contributions in English, Arabic, Turkish, Farsi and Kurdish.













Water and democracy: Can local communities influence water management in the Tigris-Euphrates River Basins?

John Crofoot, Hasankeyf Matters

We invite activists, scholars, journalists and others with an interest in public participation and water rights in the Tigris-Euphrates basin to join us in exploring various opportunities for broadening stakeholder participation in water resource management. We also invite stories and reflections on the struggle to democratize water resource management.

Abstract Challenge A: Public Participation (English)

Abstract Challenge A; Public Participation (Turkish)

Notes on the Author: John Crofoot is an independent researcher and writer focusing on business strategy, heritage conservation and uses of public space for recreation. He is the co-founder of Hasankeyf Matters and has lived in Hasankeyf, Turkey, for 4 years.

To contribute: please contact the author at johncrofot @


The need for basin-wide coordination against dams

Ercan Ayboga, Mesopotamian Ecology Movement

We invite activists, scholars, journalists and others to explore the development of a basin-wide new paradigm in the Mesopotamian Region that provides alternatives against dam construction.

Abstract Challenge B: Dams (English)

Abstract Challenge B: Dams (Turkish)

Notes on the Author: Ercan Ayboga has worked in the provincial administration of Diyarbakir (Amed), Turkey where has coordinating the Tigris River Project in the World Heritage Site Management of the urban area.He is the international coordinator of the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement and is an leading activist of Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive.

To contribute: please contact the author at mehdiplo @























The Tigris-Euphrates River System: A Status Report

Anna Bachmann, Waterkeepers Iraq

We invite activists, scholars, journalists and others with an interest in the ecosystem of the Tigris-Euphrates basin to join us in finding ways to address the unsustainable management of the water resources in the region.

Abstract Challenge C: Ecosystem (English)

Abstract Challenge C: Ecosystem (Turkish)

Notes on the Author: Anna Bachmann is the founder and advisor of Waterkeepers Iraq. She spent years in Iraq working on environmental and water issues with Nature Iraq. Today she works as an environmental health specialist in the United States.

To contribute: please contact the author at bachmanna @


The Save the Tigris and Iraqi Marshes Campaign, Iraq

Mesopotamian Ecology Movement, Turkey

Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI), Iraq

Humat Dijla (Tigris Keepers), Iraq

Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive, Turkey

Mountainwatch, Iran

Center for Sustainable Development CENESTA, Iran

DOZ international, Syria

Un Ponte Per, Italy

Corner House, UK

Gegenstroemung (Counter Current), Germany

Waterkeepers Iraq, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Association for Water and Forest Studies FIVAS, Norway


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