Press Releases of the Campaign

Press Releases of the Campaign
  • Press Release September 22, 2016: Call for Collaboration on the Implementation of UNESCO Recommendations for the Iraqi Marshes – EN
  • Press Release June 9, 2016: Call for Action to Protect the Marshlands of Mesopotamia! – EN
  • Presss Release January 20, 2016: The Mosul Dam and the Italian Role. What are the Risks? – EN
  • Press Release September 29, 2015: The Threat of Ilisu Dam and the Failure of the Iraqi Government to Protect Iraqi’s Right to Water – EN
  • Press Release June 23, 2015: List Hasankeyf and The Iraqi Marshes Now! Stop Ilisu Dam from Destroying World Heritage – EN
  • Press Release May 12, 2015: Open Letter to the Iraqi Government, the Kurdistan Regional Government – EN
  • Press Release July 15, 2014: Water and its Infrastructure are not Weapons of War, Protect Civilians’ Right to Water in Iraq – EN
  • Press Release February 3, 2014: Iraqi Marshres, Second Step towards the World Heritage – EN
  • Press Kit Iraqi Social Forum September 26, 2013: Save the Tigris Campaign – EN
  • Press Release September 26, 2013: International Activists meet in Baghdad to Discuss Legal Strategies to Protect the Tigris River – EN عربي
  • Press Release August 20, 2013: Include Ilisu dam on the Meeting Agenda with Turkish Opposition Leader – EN  عربي كردى
  • Press Release June 27, 2013:  Open Letter on the submission of the Central Marshes to the World Heritage Committee – EN عربي
  • Press Release March 22, 2013: Open Letter to Andritz on Impacts of Ilisu on Iraq – EN
  • Press Release March 14, 2013: International Day of River Action-Baghdad – EN عربي
  • Press Release July 12, 2012: Demands to the Iraqi Government –EN عربي
  • Press Release May 25, 2012: Marsh Arabs Protest Ilisu Project in Hasankeyf – EN