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Law Enforcement in the Iraqi Marshes: How Local Campaigners Are Working to Protect the Marshlands’ Biodiversity

The Central Marshes of Chibayish, located in Dhi Qar Governorate, Southern Iraq, suffer from great neglect at all levels despite being a World Heritage Site. Successive Iraq governments…

Help to Raise £100.000 for Water Projects in Rojava!

Support the #WaterForRojava campaign! Save the Tigris has always supported the fostering of solidarity across Mesopotamia. In this framework we initiated the Mesopotamian Water Forum, in which we…

Al Diwaniyah Forum Works to Resolve the Water Scarcity Crisis in Al-Badeer

Farmers in the Al-Badeer region from Kut province depend on water from the Euphrates River. Water shortages this year have caused massive damage to agricultural areas, drastically impacting…